Craft Distillery Financial Solutions

BCL Spirits leverages its 30 years of experience in business and finance to work in tandem with distilleries to determine their exact needs. We’re helping to build companies that we know will succeed.

Barrels and Cooperage

Need fresh or used barrels? We have everything you need to store your final product.

Equipment Leasing

From grain and potato processing equipment to mash and cooking equipment, we have everything you need to get started or expand.

Loan Options

With fast fulfillment and flexible terms, we offer some of the best loans on the market.

Vendor Services

Are you a vendor that wants to work alongside the pioneers of the equipment leasing industry to get your products in more markets with minimal effort? Look no further.

Distillery Entrepreneur

Rent More Equipment. Make More Money.

It’s that simple. We’ve streamlined and perfected our system so you can get more equipment out of the door and we’ll give you updates through our intuitive CRM software.

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Ready to start distilling or need to kickstart your operation? BCL Spirits has the connections and capital you need to start achieving your business goals. Let’s work together to help you succeed.